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ECO 100 Elements of Economics Prof. Donnell: Begin research here



Academic Integrity

Students need to understand the purpose of doing research and should also understand the consequences that will result from submitting a plagiarized paper. Not only is plagiarism academically dishonest, it is also illegal. Presenting someone else's work as your own, copyrighted or not, could be grounds for prosecution. According to the Jefferson Community College Academic Honesty Policy, plagiarism is the misrepresentation of any part of another s work as one's own. (JCC Catalog). In other words, plagiarism means presenting another person's words and/or ideas without giving the proper credit. A violation of the college's Academic Honesty Policy could result in a lower grade on the assignment, a failing grade in the course or dismissal from the college.

  • The Plagiarism Tutorial teaches the student about plagiarism and takes them through a quiz at the end. Students can get the graded answers emailed to themselves and their professor to prove the tutorial was completed successfully.

Background research

Begin by looking for background information in reference books. Use the CannonCat search box below to search for reference books in the JCC Library.


Click here to go to JCC's reference databases for full text online reference books- find links to reference book collections, biographical information and encyclopedias. You will be asked to login when you click on a link to a database.

Looking for something more? Click here to go to the JCC Library's home page.

Business e-books

These are just a few of the business e-books available from Credo Reference through the JCC Databases. You will be asked to login when you click on a link to an e-book or a database.

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