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Online Access

We offer a wealth of quality research resources via this research guide and our website.

If you have accessing the library's website and/or this research guide via the MyJCC Portal, you should not need to login again.

If you did not login to the MyJCC Portal, you will likely need to login once you attempt to access a library database or ebook for the first time in your research session.

When the white login screen appears simply enter your MyJCC Portal/Blackboard login username and password.  Further details are available via the link below.

Welcome! Tips for Using this Guide

When I share tips for doing research I try to put myself in your shoes - - so this guide will provide the resources I would use if I were actually writing papers like the ones you have been assigned, with emphasis on your celebrity humanitarianism project.  Along with the links to the resources I will provide a few tips that may help you more easily locate the resources you require. 

I would encourage you to look at each tab of this guide and explore the various databases and resources we offer.  If you have any questions, please contact me! 

Begin by looking at the box immediately below on identifying keywords.

Keywords and Search Terms - Tips for celebrity humanitarianism project

Your project and the specific celebrity, specific organization, and specific global development issue will help determine the search terms (often called keywords) that you should use to search for information on your topic.

There are several search tips and tools you may find helpful as you develop your searches:

Phrase searches are handy for searching for names of people or organizations.  Use quotation marks to search for two or more words.

      Examples: "Angelina Jolie"  "Save Darfur"

Truncation allows you to search for variations of keywords. Use the appropriate symbol (usually *) to truncate search terms allowing the return of words with common initial letters. 

     Example:  humanitarian*   will returrn results includling the words: 
     humanitarian; humanitarians; and humanitarianism.

Synoyms can be employed when there are different words, phrases, or abbreviations that convey a similar concept or meaning. Do not be afraid to try a variety of words, abbreviations, and/or phrases.

     Examples:  HIV; HIV/AIDS; "Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome"

                          humanitarian; "human rights advocate"

Provide a keyword for each concept relating to the information you are searching for. 
For this project a good initial search might include the name of the celebrity, the name of an organization with which he or she is involved with, and perhaps the name of issue most often associated with the organization.

     Example:  Bono Red AIDS


Please note: It is worth your while to develop a good set of search terms.  While you can get away with entering a question into a search engine such as Google, when you enter a sentence into a database for a search, each word has to be in the article record for it to be returned - if one of the search terms is not in an article it will not be returned and you may miss a great source. I will show you a few other tips for searching as we cover the different sources on this guide.


Research Assistance

I check my email and phone messages several times a day during my normal work hours (9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST Monday through Friday).  I also monitor discussion boards in online classes that I participate in, with the goal checking them at least once each work day. 

If you need immediate help after my work day ends, during the weekends, when I am on vacation, or if I am not available when you call, contact the librarian at the Reference Desk, send our reference staff an email, or chat with a librarian online (likely not a JCC librarian, but helpful nonetheless) as outlined on our "Ask a Librarian" web page.

I look forward to working with you.