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Jefferson Community College OER textbooks: OER textbooks organized by faculty member

OER stands for Open Educational Resources, and is a term that refers to any educational resources that are typically:

  1. Free to access online
  2. Low cost to get a print copy
  3. Licensed by the author/creator with rights that are less restrictive than copyright (i.e. all rights reserved).

As a student you can:

  1. Read the textbook online for free.
  2. Download the textbook as a PDF or ePub file and read, highlight, annotate using a variety of apps on your computer/tablet/mobile devices (See Tools and Tips for further instruction)

If you are interested in a print version of the textbook: 

  1. Order the textbook at a low cost from Amazon.
  2. Print the PDF on your own printer. 
  3. Check the book out on Reserve at the JCC library

Please Note: At this time, the campus does not have the appropriate printing capabilities for students to print complete textbooks on campus/library printers. Please do not use campus/library printers to print out copies of your textbook. 

If you have any difficulty using your OER textbook, contact Assistant Librarian, Carleen Huxley 315-786-2402 or

OER Textbooks Organized By Faculty Member