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HOS 101 Intro to Hospitality and Tourism Career Paper: Using the Web

Professional Associations

Websites of professional organizations can be good sources of information on a particular career

American Culinary Federation

National Restaurant Assocation

Links to many professional organizations from Harrah Hotel College, UNLV

Using the Internet?

Use the following evaluation criteria when using the Internet for a resource


  • Who wrote the page? 

  • Is the author an expert in the field?

  • Is the site sponsored by a reputable organization?


  • Does the content of the site seem accurate?
  • Are sources cited in a bibliography?


  • What is the purpose of the site?


  • When was the information actually written?
  • When was it last updated?


  • Is the coverage in-depth or superficial?
  • Who is the intended audience?

Career websites

Here are some good websites for career information:

From U.S. Dept. of Labor:

From NYS Dept. of Labor


Job websites:

Miscellaneous useful websites:

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