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Faculty Resources: Embedded Librarian

Embed a librarian into your Blackboard course

What is an embedded librarian?

A librarian added to your online course in Blackboard for a period of time to support your student learners in their research. 

Embedded librarians can:

  • Develop customized research guides and add them to your course in Blackboard.
  • Develop customized video tutorials explaining research concepts and resources.
  • Monitor a discussion board in the course site to enable students to ask the librarian specific questions about research relating to class assignments.

How do I know if my course will benefit from an embedded librarian?

An embedded librarian would be best utilized in a course that has a research component.  It would also require that Blackboard course pages be used as an integral part of the course, with consistent use of the Blackboard discussion board.

What we need from faculty in order for the embedded librarian to be successful:

  • Faculty will need to be comfortable providing a librarian with access to their course in Blackboard.  In addition, faculty will need to be willing to allow the librarian to participate in course discussion boards to help provide feedback and answers regarding library research questions.
  • Faculty will also need to provide the librarian with information regarding course content or research assignments for the course

How do I request that a librarian be embedded into my class?

To request an embedded librarian, just download and fill out the form below and return it to Carleen Huxley,