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Faculty Resources: Liaison Directory

Liaison Directory

Although you are welcome to approach any member of our library staff with questions, your library liaison will provide you with a designated point of contact for specific needs such as:

  • Learning what library databases or other resources are available for your subject area.
  • Making purchse recommendations that you feel would support your course curriculum.
  • Requesting an online research guide for your course.

Connie Holberg  x2224    

(Business/Liberal Arts)                 

John Thomas  x2314

(Science/Liberal Arts)                                           

Carleen Huxley x2402

(Health Science/Liberal Arts)                     


Accounting Computer Science Criminal Justice
Business Administration Engineering Science Chemical Dependency
Hospitality and Tourism Renewable Energy Management        Fire Protection Technology
Office Technology Studies             Zoo Technology Human Services
Language Arts Biology Psychology 
Math Science Physics Sociology
Philosophy Chemistry Early Childhood Education
Religion Music English Composition
Geography  History Literature
Anthropology Military Art History
Archeology Political Science Social Media Technology
Agriculture Nursing
Sports Management Paramedic
Physical Education Nutrition