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PED 180 Fitness and Wellness: Intro To Physical Education

Articles from JCC Databases

For articles on the history of the Olympics you can use some of the General Databases or the History Databases. For article on the history or the philosophy of physical education your best bet are the Education Databases. Remember to put "physical education" in quotes so it is searched as a phrase:


There are many good websites for the topics you are researching in the class. There are many not-so-good websites too. Remember to evaluate any resource you use - who wrote it, why are they reliable as a source, who is putting the website out and why? How complete is the information? How old is the information? Is it relevant to your research? Stay away from Wikipedia and content churning sites like and These are not appropriate for college-level research.

Olympics - Official Olympics Organization website

The Ancient Olympics - from the Perseus Digital Library Project, Tufts University

"The Little-Known History of How the Modern Olympics Got Their Start" by Frank Deford,

History of Physical Education

"History of Fitness" by Lance Dalleck and Dr. Len Kravitz, Excercise Science, University of New Mexico

Philosophy of Physical Education

SHAPE - Society of Health and Physical Educators

"Physical education makes significant contributions to overall education" except from Introduction to Teaching Physical Education by Jane Shimon,

NYS Physical Education Standards

Print Books

The JCC Library has several books, both in print and e-book format, that are useful for research on topics for this class.

Here are some suggested titles of print books on some of your topics. Use CannonCat to find more. Use broad keywords to search CannonCat (Olympics, history and "physical education", philosophy and "physical education"). Put physical education in quotes so it is searched as a phrase.

See the sample suggestions below on the following topics:

  •    The Olympics
  •    History of Physical Education
  •    Philosophy of Physical Education


Use CannonCat to look up full text e-books. You can limit your search to just e-books by using the "change collection" pull-down. Follow these instructions for logging into e-books.

There are also some good reference e-books available through the JCC databases.

Below are just a sample of e-books on the Olympics, the history of physical education and the philosophy of physical education that you can access on line.

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