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Copyright Guide for Jefferson Community College: In the Library

Copyright in the Library

Copying and printing in the library guidelines:


Students may make individual copies of pages from books and articles for personal and research use. Students may print from the computers or scanners for free.

It should be understood that library printers are meant for research copies and written assignments and not for multiple copies for classroom presentations or club handouts. Students should find other options for producing multiple copies.

Scanners. computer equipment and printers require copyright notices prominently displayed.




“Can my students make multiple copies of a poem from a library book to hand out in class? They are going to do presentations on a poem and I want everyone to read the poem they chose.”

Copying in the library generally allows one copy for personal research use. Following the suggested guidelines from the U.S. House of Representatives quoted in the In The Classroom tab of this guide this would be considered Fair Use if the poem is 250 words or less, and prints out to 2 pages or less, a copy can be made and distributed. Another more appropriate option would be to put the book on reserve and require the students to come in and make their own copies.