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PSY 232 - Social Psychology C. Lonsbary: APA

DOI Look-up

A DOI is a unique number used to identify an electronic document and to provide a persistent link to its location on the internet. APA requires that the DOI number be included in a citation for an electronic resources. See Purdue OWL's page for citing Electronic Resources for additional information. You can also use to look-up DOI numbers.

APA Citation Guides Online

Diana Hacker APA Style

Provides links for how to do in-text citation, list of references, format a manuscript and a sample paper.

Purdue OWL APA Style Guide

Extensive website on how to cite APA style.


Basics of APA Style

Produced by APA.

How do I cite? Video tutorials

From the Alvin Sherman Library, NOVA Southeaster University.