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BUS 230 Customer Service Relations C. Ditch: JCC Databases

Using the JCC databases

Use the JCC Databases to find millions of articles from thousands of newspapers, magazines and journals. Choose either a general database that offers articles on all kinds of subject areas or a subject database that is appropriate for your choice of topic. You may be asked to login when you click on a link to a database.

Find business databases from the JCC Library

Online Business Magazines from Flipster

Flipster provides  cover-to-cover online magazines. Here a a few that would be good for business topics. We have access to going back one year.




Office worker wearing telephone headset


Example of Statista bar chart

ILL Services

Is there an article you know you want but you can't find it through the JCC Databases? No problem! We can get it through Interlibrary Loan Services. Follow the instructions on the JCC Library website for ILLiad.