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ENG 101 Research and Composition B. Maxam

Library Homepage

You can find our library homepage here:

Our homepage will connect you to several finding tools that will help you locate books, ebooks, articles, reference material and media items that will help you with your research. 

Note:  If you are trying to access our resources from an off campus location, then you will need to log in with your JCC username and passwords.  This is the same username and password you currently use to access the JCC portal or Blackboard. Click here for more information. 

Library Website

1. A list of eBook collections and a link to CannonCat.  CannonCat is an online catalog used to find books, DVDs and audiobooks in the library.  You can also use it to find a portion of our ebooks. 

2. A list of our online databases by category.  Here you will find a variety of useful material for research, including more ebooks, magazine articles, scholarly journal articles, statistics and other reference material

3. A list of specialized databases that have film, music and images

4. A list of research guides (like this one) by class and topic. 

5.  This link will connect you with our Interlibrary Loan Service.  If our databases or CannonCat don't have the book/article you need, then you can request them through Interlibrary Loan.

6. Our Ask a Librarian chat service is available 24/7.  This chat service is a collaborative effort between libraries world wide, so you won't necessariliy be connected to a JCC librarian, but you will be connected to a librarian who can help you with your research question. 

7. Citation help guide for learning how to cite MLA, APA, Chicago Style

8. Search Almost Everything is an expansive database that allows you to search almost all of our databases and CannonCat at teh same time.