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ECO 100 Elements of Economics Prof. Donnell: Using the WWW

Business News


New York Times buisness news - Register for free access to all the New York Times

Google Business News

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Websites for Business information

Here are some good websites for business information

Yahoo Finance

Business website directory - Compiled by the Library of Congress' Business Reference Service

NY Times Business Navigator - Directory of business links

The Security and Exchange Commission


Web sites for International Business Culture

Not every website is going to have business etiquette for every country. Look at several of these. Also some have more complete information than others

Internet evaluation

Remember to use caution when using the Internet for research. Anyone can publish on the www!

Always evaluate a web site for

  • authority
  • accuracy
  • objectivity
  • currency
  • depth of coverage

Look at this tutorial:  Evaluating Internet Sources from Purdue University for a fuller explanation of Internet evaluation