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Summer Institute

Discussion Articles

Cohan, M.   “Bad Apple:  The Social Production and Subsequent Reeducation of a Bad Teacher."  Change, 2009, (November/December), 32-36.

--An honest exploration of early failures as a teacher and how new approaches to teaching were developed.


Delgado, T., (2015).  Metaphor for teaching:  Good teaching is like good sex.  Teaching Theology & Religion, 18 (3), 224-232.

“I know it is unconventional to equate teaching and sex, much less good teaching and good sex.  However, this teaching metaphor emerged from a real experience in the classroom that became revelatory:  about the incongruence of my teaching approach to the subject matter, the assumptions I made regarding my students, and the need to examine my pedagogy regularly as a matter of practice.  Here’s the story of that experience.” (p. 224)