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Professional Development Fridays: O.E.R.

Open Educational Resources (O.E.R.)

Open Educational Resources (OER) are freely accessible, openly licensed, repurposeable materials useful for teaching and learning.

Part 1 - Understanding O.E.R.

OER makes it easier for students to access curricular materials, and can give instructors the opportunity to integrate more dynamic and tailored course materials into their pedagogy.

In this session we will discuss the meaning of the term OER; the differences between open and free course materials, provide examples of best practices in using OER in higher ed and review attribution and licensing of OER. We will also discuss some of the Open SUNY initiatives including the recently announced collaboration between Open SUNY Textbooks and Lumen Learning, and how this can benefit JCC faculty and students.


Part 2 - Using O.E.R.

This next session will go into more depth regarding how to find and integrate reliable OER into your course curriculum.  We will begin with an overview on how to search, find and evaluate Open Educational Resources, followed by examples of how you can combine and customize existing OER to meet the needs of your students and then integrate it into your course in Blackboard.


Part 3 - Creating O.E.R.

This session will be for faculty interested in creating their own learning materials and publishing it under a Creation Commons License.  Open SUNY initiatives will be highlighted once again, with more focus on how to contact and connect with SUNY OER Services consultants who can help faculty get started with their own efforts.