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ENG 102 English Literature and Composition C. Grimes

Suggested Databases

Search Almost Everything will collectively search almost all of our general and subject databases at once.  It’s a very large database that will return a very high number of results and you will find articles from a variety of different disciplines.  Go to There you will find a search box for Search Almost Everything.

Gale Literary Resources is a smaller database that only searches a collection of literature databases. It contains biographical information, literacy criticism, overviews and the full-text of over 150,000 poems, plays, short stories and speeches. To get to Gale Literary Resources, follow this link thread:   Articles-JCC Databases-> English and Literature-> Gale Literary Resources


Combining multiple keywords in a search will help you narrow your list of results.

For example, if I combine Sylvia Plath and childhood together in a search then the database will look for articles that mention both of these terms. 

If I combine Sylvia Plath and childhood and father then the database will look for articles that mention all three of these terms.

More keywords combined = less results but more relevant  to your research topic

Fewer keywords combined = more results but less relevant to your research topic.

Use database filters

Every databases will provide some way to filter and refine your list of results.  

Tips for using Search Almost Everything

Search for your author to see if there is a Research Starter. 

Gale Literary Source