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Open Educational Resources (OER): Past workshops and previously recorded webinars

Upcoming Professional Development

SUNY OER Services (SOS) Showcase Webinars

The SOS Showcase Webinars are monthly webinar events hosted by SUNY OER Services with the aim of featuring OER faculty champions from across our diverse community of practitioners, who have elevated their teaching practice by incorporating OER into their courses. In doing so, these faculty have positively impacted their students’ learning experience, making higher education more accessible, affordable, and engaging. 


Topic: NYS OER Funding Initiative
 Friday, September 29, 2017
Time: 1:00-2:00PM (EST)


Join SUNY OER Services for the inaugural SOS Showcase Webinar, the first in a regular series to focus on open educational projects and resources in our system. This episode will relay information about the current statewide initiative fostering the expansion of OER in association with the Excelsior Scholarship.

Speaker: Alexis Clifton, Executive Director, SUNY OER Services

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Scholarship That’s Scholar-Led: An Introduction to Open Access

Presented By Megan Wacha, CUNY

OER Part 1: Understanding OER

OER Part 2: Using OER

Your task will be to find at least 2 different sources/items suitable for a course you currently teach:

1) Start searching for OER content:

2) Evaluate OER:

  • What is the licensing? How flexible is it? What are the restrictions?
  • Usability? Editable? Formats available?
  • Reputable? Who is the author, what are their credentials? Is the resource part of a larger OER project considered reputable? Does the site/project offer peer reviews?
  • Scope, depth, quality of content?

3) Next download the OER Architectural Plan from the SUNY OER Course Module 4 . You can either download it from the course or from the attached document below. Fill out the spreadsheet using the two resources you have chosen.

Other Resources:


Choose your License tool

OER HyperDocs

Practice and learn more about OER with these hyperdocs:

Creative Commons (Google doc)

The Bigger Picture of OA: Alternate Models of Review & Emerging Practices

Presented By Heather Joseph, SPARC

SUNY OER Services: What They Can Do for You

Presented By Allison Brown, SUNY Geneseo

OER Part 3: Creating OER


Pressbooks is an easy to use writing/book publication software that Open SUNY favors for creating OER textbooks. Simple design, easy to use, Pressbooks allows you to create ebooks that can be exported into different print-ready filetypes.  

Pressbooks HowTo Tutorials

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