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SUNY Jefferson

HIS 150 / HIS 151 American History: Internet

Information Evaluation Resources

For an overview of evaluation criteria for information, look at the Evaluating Internet Resources handout.  For additional information, use Module 5 of the Information Literacy Tutorial.

Search Engines and Search Tips

You are encouraged to use our library resources for the bulk of your research, but that being said there are many great resources available on the Internet. Be sure to evaluate them carefully before using them in your projects - while there are high quality, authoritative sources on the Internet, the opposite is true as well!

One good tip I can offer is to use the Advanced Search feature of Google and limit your results to .gov or .edu sites (see the "site or domain" area).

One more tip on Internet searching:  do not buy anything!  If you encounter an article and you have to pay for it, let us know.  We can likely access it for free via our databases or you may be able to order for free via our Interlibrary Loan service.