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INT 104 Information Literacy and Plagiarism

Guide for INT 104 Instructors to access InfoLit and Plagiarism course content


Assessments - you can use these for both pre and post assessments. 

Use the following documents to create the assessment quiz in your Blackboard course or simply print them out and have the students take during class:

Information Literacy 


Online Assessment option

Online Assessment Option

Use the following two links if you want your students to take it as a quiz online.  The results will be sent to me but I can separate out each student according to course instructor and send you a spread sheet of students who completed it and their grade.

Information Literacy 

Pre-Assessment (to be completed before Day 1 and Day 2 instruction)




Pre-Assessment (to be completed before Day 3 instruction)



Tutorial for students to do before Day 1

A tutorial will be created for each class as opposed to just sharing the same one.  This will allow me to customize the tutorial to the instructors wishes if they want me to.  It will also allow me to include the instructors email on the assessment portion so if one of their students completes the tutorial, the instructor will be notified.  

J. Canale

G. Moura

E. Smalls

S. Spencer

S. Spadoni

Complete tutorial

You can also view the entire tutorial at the following link.  If there are other units that you would like to incorporate into your class just let me know.