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SUNY Jefferson

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Test Proctoring Services in the Media Center

Test Proctoring Service 

Contact Cyndie Sloan, Media Clerk, 315-786-6575 or



  1. Proctoring will be offered to best accommodate the students schedule within the confines of the Media Clerk’s work schedule and Library operation hours.
  2. All proctoring will be done by the Media Clerk, or another library staff member. 
  3. A maximum of two students can be accommodated at one time.
  4. Faculty members will refer students to the Media Clerk to arrange to make up a missed test. The faculty member will deliver the test to the Media Clerk.
  5. The faculty member must state specific instructions such as open book, calculator use, length of time allotted, last possible date to take test and whether breaks (bathroom or otherwise) are allowed.
  6. The student will be responsible for making the proctoring appointment with the Media Clerk at least 24 hours in advance.
  7. Once an appointment is made, the Media Clerk will contact the faculty member to confirm arrangements.
  8. The Media Clerk will have a place available for students to set aside any bags, packs, purses and cell phones.
  9. The Media Clerk will notify the faculty member when a test is completed and ready to pick up.
  10. The faculty member will be responsible for making arrangements to pick up the completed test from the Media Clerk