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Locating Scholarly Resources: Home

Locating Scholarly Resources

Your instructor may require you use scholarly resources for your paper. How do you know what is scholarly? This guide gives you the information you need to make the correct choices while gathering your resources.

Also, know that the terms "scholarly journals", "academic journals" and "peer-reviewed journals" are used pretty much interchangeably.


  • When you search in Primo on the library homepage, do a search and then use the filter on the left menu on the results page by clicking to the left of "Peer-reviewed Journals" under the Availability heading. This narrows your results.
  • Notice in Primo there is a purple Peer Reviewed icon  included in the entries for scholarly, or peer-reviewed articles.
  • You will find filters or limiters that work the same way in most other library databases as well. Remember you may see different terms employed - academic, scholarly or peer-reviewed. They may refer to articles or journals.
  • Use the criteria mentioned in the tutorial module and the video below to ensure you are locating the correct resources for your assignment.

Information Literacy Tutorial Unit 4

Use this module from the JCC Information Literacy Tutorial to learn how to critically evaluate a possible resource for your research.

Video on identifying scholarly resources from Vanderbilt University