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ENG 101 Research and Composition I. Luyt : Articles

Introduction to Accessing Articles from JCC Databases

For the research project for this class it will be very helpful for you to access articles from newspapers, magazines, and journals. You do this by searching our databases.  We offer about 70 databases that provide literally millions of articles from tens of thousands of publications. 

Search tip:
For the celebrity humanitarianism project a good initial search might include the name of the celebrity, the name of an organization with which he or she is involved with, and perhaps the name of issue most often associated with the organization.

     Example:  Bono Red AIDS

Let me know if you have any issues using the databases below.  You should be able to locate a good number of appropriate articles on your topic.  If not, please let me know and I will give you a hand.

Selected General Use Databases

These General Use databases will provide articles on nearly any topic. When you click on the link you may be prompted to login with your MyJCC/Blackboard/Email information.

Subject Specific Databases

We also offer many other databases that focus on specific topics and academic subjects.  Consult our Articles - JCC Databases page for a complete listing of databases listed by academic discipline or subject area.  Let me know if you need assistance selecting a subject database.