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ENG 225 Shakespeare Plays C. Pristash: Articles

What is a library database?

When we say library database we are generally referring to the tools we use to search for resources like journal, magazine, and newspaper articles.  However, some of our library databases can also be used to find educational videos or reference material such as encyclopedia entries. 

These library databases contain valuable information that can not be found on the world wide web.

Suggested Database

Searching and refining your search resulsts in Artemis

Type in your keyword search first. Once you've received a list of results back, use the options on the left to refine the list to a specific content type. For example, if you're interested in reading Literary Criticism then choose that from the list. 


Note about keywords

Remember that keywords really are key to finding good material in any database. The fewer keywords you have, the more results you will get. If you add more keywords then your search will produce fewer results but they will also be more focused on your specific topic. So choosing one keyword is fine if you just want some general information about a general topic. But if you're looking from something a little more specific then you should add another keyword.  

For example, maybe I'm interested in reading literary criticism about The Fool in King Lear. Then I would combine both of those as keywords in my search in Artemis. 

Credo Reference Search

Reference databases can be a good place to start to get background information.  Although the entries are sometimes short, they still provide you with a solid foundation about your topic.

Try using Credo Reference. 

Other suggested databases

Search Almost Everything

Search Almost Everything is a tool that can be used to search a large number of library databases and our online catalog (CannonCat) all at the same time.

This all-in-one search tool can produce a lot of results at once which can help speed the research process but can also provide an overwhelming amount of information to look through.

That's why it's important to refine your search results using the many different options provided. For example, you can narrow your results to only include books from the catalog or to only include newspaper articles.

Search Almost Everything
Limit Your Results