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ENG 101 Research and Composition C. Pristash: FIND Information

Suggested Library Databases

Tips for choosing a database:

1.  If you are still trying to find background or general information about a topic, try a reference database.  The material will typically come from resources like specialized encyclopedias and dictionaries.

2.  Determine what discipline your topic my fall under and then choose a specialized database that focuses on that discipline.  Based on what you know so far, who would you consider to be an expert or most knowledgeable about your topic. A psychologist? Doctor? Historian? Educator?

3.  If you are researching a topic that is controversial or of current interest then you may want to choose one of our databases under Controversial Issues.

4.  If you are having a hard time figuring out what discipline your topic falls under or are simply trying to find as much information about your topic as you can then try our discover service, also known as Search Almost Everything, which will search almost all of our databases at once.

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Books and eBooks

Begin by looking for background information in reference books. Use the CannonCat search box below to search for reference books in the JCC Library.



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Using keywords to search a database

Keywords are very important when it comes to doing research. The better the keywords or combination of keywords, the better your search results will be. 

Now that you have a more refined topic and have brainstormed using the concept map, identify some good keyword combination you can use to search a database:


Next type your keyword combination into a database and do a search: