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ECO 102 Microeconomics Wilder: Microeconomics

Websites for Economics

EBooks for Microeconomics

Here is just a sample of some ebooks that might be useful for this class. There are many more. Use  Primo on the Library homepage and limit your results to Available Online under Availability and eBooks./Books under Material Type on the left column.

Library Resources for Economics Research

Below are a few recommended databases for articles on economic topics. The economy and economic theory can be a hot-button political item, so pay attention to the source, and possible bias, of authors and publications. For instance you may find an article from a publication called Human Events. The publication description for Human Events in Academic Search Complete says "News items of the week presented through eyes that favor limited constitutional government, local self-government, private enterprise and individual freedom." So this publication has an editorial bias.

Also pay attention to the dates on articles. Some may be reporting news as it happens - like the General Motors Bailout in 2008 - rather than reporting on the consequences of the bailout  a few years after the event.

Your Librarians / Ask for Help

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If you are off-campus and we are open your best option is to call the Reference Desk at 315-786-2482 and ask for one of us. You can also contact us via email or if you need immediate assistance and we are not open, you can chat with a librarian online (likely not a JCC librarian, but helpful nonetheless) as outlined on our "Ask for Help" web page.

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