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Library Research Guide for EDGE Students

Introduction to Library Resources for EDGE Students


Welcome to the JCC Library: EDGE Research Guide

If you are taking an EDGE class through JCC, then you have access to all of the same library resources as any other student on campus. This research guide will provide you with essential information about our library resources.  

What does the library have to offer?

The Library is a good place to study and do research, with spaces reserved for conversation and collaboration and other areas for quiet individual study.  You can also reserve a study room for groups of two or more.  The Library also has several computers for student use, a book scanner and a color printer.


Library resources and college research

In general, college research requires the use of authoritative sources.  Here are a few characteristics of  authoritative sources:

  • Written by authors with subject expertise, as demonstrated by educational background, awards, work experience, positions held, publications, etc.
  • Articles published in respected journals, magazines or newspapers (respect is earned by minimizing editorial errors and by maintaining high standards of fact-checking, etc.)
  • Books and ebooks published by publishers who have high standards in relation to author and editor expertise and background.
  • Information provided by respected organizations which are usually run by experts of the disciplines related to the organizations.

The Library offers literally millions of sources for your research projects. In addition to our traditional books, you can remotely access our many databases and other licensed resources for newspapers, magazines, journals; research reports, hundreds of thousands of ebooks and more.

The Library is located on the second floor of the Deans Collaborative Learning Center (Building 15).

To access library databases from home or any other off campus location, you will need to log in using your JCC Network ID.

Your JCC Network ID is the combination of your first initial, your last name (all in lower case) and the month and day of your birth date (MMDD format). Omit spaces and punctuation. Your network password is your birthday, in six-digit format (MMDDYY). Here is an example:

ID = jdoe0605 
Password = 060585

It is possible to change your password  try resetting your password by logging into the Password Management Service.

If you are still having problems logging in even after you have tried to reset your password, contact the student help desk (315) 786-6511. Make sure you tell them you are an EDGE student.

Like all JCC students, you are welcome to visit the library and consult with one of our reference librarians if you’re having any trouble finding research material. You can also call us during our hours of operation at 315-786-2482.

You can get help from a qualified librarian 24/7 from our Ask Us 24/7 chat service, the link for this service is on our Ask for Help page. Keep in mind that it won’t necessarily be one of our JCC librarians on the chat, but it will be a qualified librarian that will be able to help you with general research and resource related questions.


If you are accessing the library databases from an at home or any off campus location, then you will need to login using your JCC Network ID and password.  This is the same login that you use for the JCC Portal (MyJCC) and Blackboard.

If you have problems call the Student IT Help Desk at 315-786-6511.