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SUNY Jefferson

About the Library

Study Rooms

The Library has several study rooms and several of these rooms are equipped with a large wall-mounted television which can be connected to a laptop computers and in some cases to other devices as well. These rooms also have White walls that can used as a White board.

Rooms with television screens and White walls are primarily used for group study or projects. If demand for these rooms is low individuals may use these rooms at the staff's discretion, however, an individual may need to relocate in the event the room is required for a group.

In addition, the Library offers other study rooms more suitable for Zooming, etc.

All of these rooms are available for use on a first come, first served basis by JCC students. Check out Study rooms at the Information & Services Desk. Requests for non-JCC student use (Community members, clubs, faculty/staff, etc. are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.)

Students should not leave personal belongings or library technology unattended in the study rooms.  Students are responsible for their own belongings, and anything borrowed from the library, including headphones, laptops, and iPads. Waste receptacles are situated near the study rooms for disposal of unwanted items.