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SUNY Jefferson

About the Library

Group Study Room Guidelines

The Library has 5 group study rooms on the second floor of the Collaborative Learning Center. These rooms are intended for collaborative activities and group study for student use. Two of the  rooms are located in the quiet study area and are used only for quiet study. All rooms are equipped with a large wall-mounted television which can be connected wirelessly to a laptop computer, iPad, smart phone or any Android device via WePresent. Directions for downloading the MirrorOp App to use this technology is located in each room.

The following Guidelines are intended to promote maximum study-room access.

  • Group study rooms are intended for 2 to 5 students engaged in shared study or working on group projects. Priority will be given to groups of 2 or more. A quiet study room for individual students is available in the library near the Local History/scanner area.
  • To insure group study room access, rooms should be reserved in advance.  Visit or call the Media Center Desk at 315-786-6575 to make reservations. Group study rooms may be reserved for up to 2 hours at a time and can be made from 3 days to up to 15 minutes before an available time period. An individual may not make more than one reservation in any 2 day period. Only JCC students may reserve rooms.
  • A student with a room reservation should check in at the Media Center Desk when he or she arrives for the reserved time, and should not check in sooner than 10 minutes before their reservation.
  • A reservation will be forfeited if the student with the reservation and his or her group members are more than 15 minutes late for the reserved time. Back-to-back reservations for the same group are not permitted. However, if the room is not scheduled immediately following a reserved time, a group may request a time extension.
  • If a reservation has not been made in advance, students are still encouraged to drop in to the library to see if a room is open.  For example, if a group finishes a reservation early, students without reservations would be welcome to use the room until a group with the next reservation arrives.  Drop in students should check in with staff at the Media Center Desk to determine availability.
  • Students should not leave personal belongings or library technology unattended in the study room.  Students are responsible for their own belongings and anything borrowed from the library, including headphones, laptops, and iPads.
  • When using a group study room, students should be courteous to other patrons by maintaining reasonable conversation and video sound levels, keeping the room clean by removing trash and furniture should be returned to its original place.  The use of headphones is encouraged. Music should not be played except for educational purposes, i.e., study for Music Appreciation class. 
  • These rooms are, generally, not intended for club meetings, recreation (i.e., gaming), regularly scheduled staff meetings, or faculty office hours.  Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Library Director or designee.

            Please contact any member of the staff with questions, concerns, or suggestions.