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Research Guides by Subject / Topic

Careers and Employment

      Career Resources

      Job Seeking with Social Media

Community Resources and Projects

      Local History and Archives

      Read, Listen, Watch: Resources on Race

      and Racism

Faculty Guides

      Copyright Guide for JCC

      Faculty Resources

      Open Educational Resources (OER)

      Plagiarism Information for Students and

Library Services and Departments

      JCC College History (Yearbooks, Student
      Newspapers, and More)

      Library Services for Distance Learners

      Local History and Archives

      Textbooks on Reserve in the Library

Research, Instruction, Citations, and Copyright 

      Citing Sources

      Copyright Guide for JCC

      Information Literacy Tutorial

      Internet Evaluation Tutorial

      Plagiarism Information for Students and

Social Media

      Job Seeking with Social Media

World Cultures

      Countries and Cultures



Research Guides by Class / Program / Academic Discipline


        BIO 105 Environmental Biology  J. Jones

        BIO 202 Microbiology K. Flanders

        BIO 218 Vertebrate Biology 2 K. Rusho Boyer


         BUS 112 Introduction to Business

         BUS 150 & 151 Entrepreneurship

         BUS 221 Human Resource Management W. Snyder

         BUS 230 Customer Service Relations

        BUS 232 Marketing   D. Robinson

         ECO101 Macroeconomics K. Brownell

         ECO 102 Microeconomics I. Wilder


         CHE 212 Organic Chemistry 

College Learning Skills

         CLS 101 Critical Reading and Thinking

Criminal Justice

         Criminal Justice


         Library Resources for EDGE Students


         Early Childhood Education

         EDU 210 Principles of Education

Energy and the Environment

         SCI 110 Energy and the Environment D. Dyer


         English Composition and Literature

         ENG 100 College Composition

         ENG 100 College Composition   I. Luyt

         ENG 100 College Composition C. Montague-Barrett

         ENG 100 College Composition  C. Pristash

         ENG 101 Research and Composition 

         ENG 101 Research and Composition M. De Jesus-Reyes

         ENG 101 Research and Composition  J. Dickinson

         ENG 101 Research and Composition - EDGE

         ENG 101 Research and Composition  I. Luyt

         ENG 101 Research and Composition  B. Maxam

         ENG 101 Research and Composition C. Pristash  

         ENG 101 Research and Composition  R. Romano

         ENG 101 Research and Composition N. Smith

         ENG 101 Research and Composition South Jeff. EDGE

         ENG 102 Literature and Composition

         ENG 225 Shakespeare Plays C. Pristash


         HIS 114 New York State History

         HIS 122 Intro. to African American History

         HIS 150 / 151 American History

         HIS 252 Modern U.S. History Through Comic Books

         HIS 261 Dialogues in Honor and Sacrifice

Hospitality and Tourism

         Hospitality and Tourism

         HOS 101 Intro to Hospitality & Tourism Career Paper

Human Services

         HUS 100  Human Services

         HUS 101 Introduction to Human Services

Interdisciplinary Studies

         INT 111 College Foundations


         JOU 101 Introduction to Journalism


         MATH 155 Algebra Functions and Modeling


         MUS 115 Music Appreciation

         MUS 150 History of Rock and Roll   L. Scrivani-Tidd

         MUS 172 Piano Class 1   L. Scrivani-Tidd

New Student Seminar

         INT 111 College Foundations


         Nursing and Allied Health

Physical Education

         PED 180 Fitness and Wellness


         PSY 133 Introduction to Psychology

Public Speaking

         STA101 D. Bartlett

         STA 151 D. Bartlett

Social Sciences

         Social Sciences Research

Zoo Technology

         ZOO 116